Jewellery Care



Sterling silver will tarnish with time and wear. To take care of your sterling silver jewellery, polish it frequently with a silver polishing cloth; please do not use silver dip. We are now selling Silver Australia polishing cloths

silver polishing cloth is wonderful for bringing back the shine to your Silver Australia jewellery. The cloth is suitable for both silver and gold and helps keep your jewellery shiny for longer with anti-tarnish protection.

The cloth is best stored in the card packet. DO NOT wet or wash the cloth.

When cleaning the jewellery with this cloth, it is normal that the cloth will go black as it wipes away the tarnish, and your fingers and hands may go black too. Simply wash your hands afterwards with soap and water.

We also recommend you protect your silver jewellery by wrapping it in your Silver Australia box you received with your jewellery and storing it in a cool, dry place, keeping individual pieces separate to avoid scratching. You can also consider a Silver Australia jewellery case to look after all your lovely jewellery.

To bring back sparkle from faceted gemstones, use warm water, washing up liquid and a soft toothbrush. Soak and brush inside the back of the setting and rinse.

Avoid contact with chemicals, perfume, hairspray and deodorant.

Our products are guaranteed against manufacturing faults, but not misuse. To maintain the condition of your jewellery, remove it when showering, swimming or when undertaking manual or domestic work. 



Sterling silver is a metal containing at least 92.5% silver. This is the legal standard of purity used for most silver jewellery throughout the world. It means that the metal used is of a specific quality. Pure silver is never used, as it is too soft to be practical.