Silver and Gemstone Jewellery Makes the Perfect Gift

Looking for a unique gift? Our range of silver and gemstone jewellery is full of amazing pieces that the recipient will treasure for a lifetime. When you choose gemstone jewellery from Silver Australia, you can rest assured that each piece is one of a kind, as gemstones by nature all have their own beautiful patterns and hues, so each piece is special. Unsure what to choose for your recipient? Some gifts you might want to consider include:

  • Necklaces – necklaces or pendants are a classic gift for the woman in your life, and you can choose from a range of sterling silver pieces with semi-precious stones in their favourite colour
  • Earrings – earrings are an extremely thoughtful gift for birthdays or Christmas, or can be a more romantic gift for Valentine’s day or your anniversary
  • Rings – one of our 925 sterling silver rings makes the ideal gift for the special person in your life, especially one of our pieces of gemstone jewellery that makes a bold style statement

Silver Australia will hand wrap your item and include a stylish box to present your gift, so it makes a wonderful surprise for the recipient. If you need a thoughtful gift for someone you don’t know very well, then gemstone jewellery is a good choice, as it suits all sorts of tastes.

Choose Semi-Precious Stones Jewellery to Make a Statement

Another reason why our semi-precious stones jewellery is so popular is that it makes a bold style statement. Whether you’re wearing a little black dress or a formal gown, adding a piece of gemstone silver jewellery instantly uplifts any outfit, and it gives you a sophisticated, classic look.

There are many pieces of gemstone jewellery that are truly eye-catching. Try a cocktail ring, a ring that has a large solitaire gem, for an elegant vintage look. Or opt for some unique chandelier earrings that catch the light. Silver Australia offer semi-precious stone jewellery online shopping, so there’s plenty of pieces to choose from. When you’re choosing a statement piece, the best option is to choose just one large item, then keep the rest of the jewellery simple. Silver Australia also offer some smaller, understated items that pair well with our bigger gemstones.

925 Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewellery in a Range of Colours

Silver Australia have created a range of 925 sterling silver gemstone jewellery that is set with gems of many different colours, so you can find a piece in your favourite colour or one that you think your gift recipient will love.

Some popular gemstone colours include:

  • Purple – choose a piece set with amethyst, charoite or fluorite if you want purple hues
  • Blue – from blue chalcedony to Lapiz Lazuli, there are lots of blue toned gems that look great set in silver jewellery. Turquoise is a classic, while chrysocolla is on-trend and has unique patterns
  • Green – if you want green gems, look for jewellery with green amethyst, atlantisite (a combination of serpentine and stichtite), peridot and green pyrite, or a faceted piece of labradorite for a bold look
  • Yellows and oranges – if you like autumnal tones, choose a yellow pyrite, Sonora sunrise chrysocolla or citrine

When we create our beautiful jewellery, semi-precious stones finish off each piece perfectly, and there’s a rainbow of colours to choose from.

If you’re wondering how to co-ordinate your gemstones with your outfits, simply choose one of the primary colours in the clothing you’re wearing, then pick a similar coloured gem to accentuate it. If you’re wearing black, white or neutral tones, then pretty much any coloured gem will co-ordinate well, although reds and greens can look particularly striking.

Semi-Precious Stones Jewellery, Australia Made, Just for You

When creating semi-precious stone jewellery, Australia is a great place to source many different gems. From opals to sapphires and topaz, you’ll find lots of gemstone jewellery in Australia that has been made from the country’s beautiful natural resources and captures the bright colours of the country. Each piece we sell has a specially selected semi-precious gemstone to make it unique.

Although we sell silver gemstone jewellery in Australia, we also source gems from around the world. From the Mohave desert to rural Canada, semi-precious gemstones come from all over the Earth. We source the best stones and set them in sterling silver gemstone jewellery, giving you a colourful collection to choose from.

Silver jewellery with Semi-Precious Stones is Easy to Co-ordinate

One of the key things to remember when choosing which pieces of silver jewellery with semi-precious stones to wear is to find pieces that co-ordinate nicely. If you wear sterling silver gemstone jewellery from Silver Australia, each piece is slightly different, while still co-ordinating, so people can see that it’s genuine, natural jewellery. It’s the slight imperfections and patterns in each stone that make it completely unique and beautiful, and this makes each piece of jewellery even more eye-catching.

Silver Gemstone Jewellery Delivered Direct to you or the Recipient

If you’re looking for silver gemstone jewellery for a gift, simply browse the range at Silver Australia today. Our semi-precious stones jewellery can be boxed up and sent directly to your door, or we can send it straight to the recipient in Australia, New Zealand, or your destination of choice. We offer fast, easy shipping and send all our jewellery in a beautiful box, making it the perfect gift.


What Stones are Semi-Precious?

There are a huge variety of semi-precious stones, such as varieties of amethyst, quartz, agate, turquoise and much more. Semi-precious stones include all varieties of gemstone that wouldn’t be considered ‘precious’ and most semi-precious stones are used in gemstone jewellery or decorative items. A semi-precious stone starts off as a mineral, which is refined and cut to make a gemstone.

What is the Difference between Precious and Semi-Precious Stones?

Precious stones fall into four categories; diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies, every other gemstone is considered semi-precious. However, that’s not to say semi-precious stones are less rare or less valuable. When it comes to both precious and semi-precious stones, jewellery is the most common usage, although some of them are used in industrial settings.

What Semi-Precious Stones are Blue?

Turquoise is perhaps the best known semi-precious stone in blue, and it’s often used in silver jewellery. Lapiz Luzuli is another blue semi-precious stone, which is a stunning deep rich, while blue chalcedony has a pastel blue colour. Also, look out for amazonite and chrysocolla, which are both popular gemstones for jewellery.

What Semi-Precious Gemstones are Native to Australia?

Australia has huge reserves of semi-precious gemstones and a number of varieties can be found across the country. This includes many different colours of agate, peridot, chalcedony, amethyst, and citrine, all of which are used in jewellery. Some other local gemstones to look out for include the exotic tiger’s eye, brecciate mookaite jasper and cool aquamarine, which is a gem beloved by the royal family.